Tops lessons about dating I learnt from poker

dating I learnt from poker

Check out how similar playing poker in afapoker and dating can actually be the same. Read our list with the best tips a poker player can get from gambling and use them later in dating and intimate relationships.

You might be confused right now. What’s the connection between playing poker and dating? Well, actually, there are a lot of relations and we are about to prove it to you below. Before that, though, let us tell you something else. Let’s face it – being devoted to your trustworthy and reliable afapoker poker provider is like being honest to your girlfriend, right? There’s some note we should add to this statement, though – don’t mix up the personal thing with the gambling business. And, please, for God sake, don’t abandon your better half because of poker. Both can live together as long as you are smart and organized enough.

But let’s go back to the topic of our material. These are the lessons about dating we actually learnt from poker:

  • Always read your opponent just like you should read your date. Dating is like poker actually in all aspects. You don’t know what opponents you will have in front of you. And if you want to best of this situation, better read them closely.
  • Prefer the good qualitative decision rather than the outcome. In dating, it goes almost the same way. It’s always better to focus on a specific woman or man rather than defocusing on a couple of people and eventually to end up single again.
  • Never stop trying being better. Improving skills is crucial if you want to achieve more wins, as well as if you want to remain on the same position as one of the best poker pros in your gang. What about dating? If you failed in your previous relationship or even on your last date, get your lessons. The next woman or man of your heart deserves a better version of you.
  • If you cannot fit some complicated situation, you should just modify your style. In poker, the idea is always to fit the occasions and the opponents’ actions. In dating, it’s the dame. It’s always important to make compromises. It’s always significant to listen to the other person and if you have to, you will bend. But it should worth it, of course.
  • Learn when it’s time to fold and to hope for the next hand to be a better one. Isn’t just the same with dating? Don’t we all forget closing the page and start a new chapter in our love life? Can’t we just once and for all learn to deal with the fact that no relationship is meant to be and the idea is to find the right one for you?

Yes, poker and dating are kind of similar and in many cases, the same. Don’t you think?

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