Five important terms of poker

Poker is one of the few games, which is always in the list of most popular casino games of the players. There are many terms, you need to know, before becoming the master of this game. Below we have brought, some very important terms of this game for you.


Add-on in poker you can understand by the mobile recharge and validity in it. In mobile, when per day data quota gets finished, you purchase some new data vouchers as an casino10 add-on. Similarly, while gambling your chips number or value gets decrease, you buy some new chips then. These newly bought chips are known as add -on for that game.

Big blind

The big blind is the position on the second left seat of the dealer. After the dealer, the blind, which is the position just left to the dealer, bet one fixed amount. The big blind is to bet with the amount, which is just double of the blind’s bet.


It is generally a minimum amount of chips which you are expected to have before entering in any game of poker. In the case of tourneys, this is set as the minimum amount which can buy the minimum numbers of chips to gamble. In the case of cash games, it is like the minimum balance you need to have. However, actually, you can have more than this minimum, but even there is some limit above which, you can’t have.

Community cards

After distributing cards to the players, the dealer opens some cards on the board after 1st and 2nd round of bets. These are five cards that can be paired with all the players as per their requirement and these cards are known as the community cards.

Table stakes

Table cards are the number of chips on the table which the person has in front of him for during some specific hands. His call and raise are limited according to the chips he has. These stakes are limited and can not be purchased, borrowed, and can not be produced by any means during that current stake.


Above we have told you five important terms of poker. Actually, just these five are not sufficient to make you a good gambler. For, playing it really very well, you need to know as many words of it, as many you can do and this can only be done by practicing more and more.

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