The amount of money that is collected from gambling is about $10 trillion and this is a rough idea. The above-mentioned amount is earned by the legal organizations that are running in the country and if we add the amount that is earned by the illegal organizations also then it will definitely exceed the amount mentioned above. If we see this all over turnover then the lotteries play a major role in this and are done almost daily by many people in the world.


In the late 20th century, Europe and the United States allowed lotteries that are licensed in the state and are also operated in it and these lotteries are also spread all over the world. You can also find football (soccer) pools in almost all countries like Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia. The countries that are mentioned above also provide state-organized and state-licensed amounts to play other sports also.

Sports Betting

In most of the English speaking countries and also in France, people bet with other people to play horse racing which also promotes gambling in the country. This thing is also present in other countries also which has increased gambling in their countries also. The places where horse racing is played or is popular, their people have used it as a major source of income. This is done by its own newspapers and other periodicals, people who advice other people to play and how to play and they are known as self-styled experts, statistical services that are very extensive, and we’ll maintain networks for the communication that provide information to the people who are present on the betting centers, and also the employees and workers who take care of the horses which are used in the game.

The above-mentioned things go in the same manner with the dog racing but on a smaller scale. The providence of the emergence of broadcasting technology with the use of satellite which has led to the creation of an off-track facility of betting. In this facility, bettors can watch live playing while sitting in a different place.


They can observe the game and can decide whether to play and invest money with the help of this facility and even they can observe all the things that can’t be noticed from the place where the racetrack is.

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