Gambling in Different Countries

Casinos and gambling houses were introduced in the 17th century and later by the 20th century, it became commonplace for almost every person of the country. They also covered almost all the world in the addiction of gambling. Many gambling organizations are permitted in Europe and South America especially in the holiday resorts but are restricted inside the city area. Earlier casinos were legal in the Nevada and New Jersey which are present in the United States. A special license was taken to run casinos in Puerto in the United States and later it was allowed in almost all the countries. Some countries still run casinos and betting facilities without the legal allowance and also destroying the laws of the country by running them and sometimes by corruption in the political authorities.


The most played game in the casinos of France is Roulette and also Monaco and these two games are also played all over the world. The most played game of America is Craps which is a dice-based game. Games like Slot and video poker are the most played and very famous games of the casinos of the United States, Europe and also played in many private clubs, other bug establishments and restaurants all over the world and also in the casinos of Australia.


Baccarat which is a card-based game and is popular with the name chemin de fer is famous in Great Britain and also in the continental casinos which are mainly patronized by English and in the resorts named Deauville, Riviera, and the Biarritz. Faro game is popular in the United States which has now gone out of the market and has vanished from the casinos. Blackjack which is a card game is mainly played in the casinos of America. The trente et quarante or rouge et noir is a french card game which popular among the casinos of Monte-Carlo and also in the casinos of continental areas. Sic bo, pai-gow poker and fan-tan are the popular games in Asia and games like boule, kalooki and Banca Francesa are popular in Europe. There are many other common games that are played all over the world and in all the casinos.


In the 21st century, the popular and the most played game was poker and the reason behind that was poker was displayed on the television which increased the interest of the people.

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