Sic Bo Strategies to Help You While You Gamble


Sic Bo from SA Gaming requires patience and strategies for winning the table. Here, you can find some effective strategies to ace this game.


Sic Bo, a Chinese dice game, is quite popular in Asian countries and even in the USA. SA Gaming casino offers online Sic Bo and Live Sic Bo games to their players due to its wide popularity. The game is easy, fun, and exciting.

In online Sic Bo, the software uses RNG, which virtually rolls three dice and selects a random number and combination. If the number of three dice matches your predicted number, you win.

You can place bets on the numbers ranging from 4 to 17. While the range of numbers from 4 to 10 are considered small bets, the rest are big bets. You can also place a bet on a particular number (single bet), a pair of numbers (double bet). There are even other bets like domino bets (bets on the combination of dice).

Another advantage of Sic Bo is its minimum house edge, which means you get more possibilities to win in this game.

But, like any game, Sic Bo also requires strategies. Strategies make playing more exciting and increase your chance of winning the game. Want to play Sic Bo? Here are some tips for you.

Analyze Each Number and Their Combination

If you want to maximize your earnings, you need to analyze the osmosis bike best. The bet has different possibilities and house edges. Besides this, you also need to consider the number combinations. Often the winning prize varies on the number combination.

On the other hand, you need to check the payout ratio. The payout can range from 1 to 60 to 1. Hence, try to gain as much knowledge as you can before you start playing.

Either Big Bets or Small Bets

The thumb’s rule is to place either big bets or small bets. These bets have a wider range and allow you to get an easier winning streak. Hence, choose either a big bet or a small bet if you want to play safe.

No Gambler’s Fallacy

Often gamblers are prone to committing Gambler’s fallacy. This myth says if an event happens more frequently in a game, it will start to occur less after some time. After all, this is only a myth and has no basis, hence preventing from committing it. SA Gaming website allows users to take a pause and watch the game.

Do Not Go On Compulsive Gambling

As a gambler, you might be tempted to become impulsive. If you are losing continuously, it is better to take a pause and wait for some time. You can watch a few games and then again try your luck. Similarly, if you are winning a few hands, try to go on the sidelines and watch the game for a few rounds.

Watch your Money

You may be tempted to put a sizable chunk of money on the bet as this game has a lower house edge. But it can lead to a disaster. Try to start with a small betting amount. This will allow you to play multiple rounds, and you will also have better chances of winning.


Sic Bo offers great winning possibilities and does not require you to study the game deeply. You can easily understand its mechanism. But, try to remain intuitive while gambling to ensure you end the session with good prize money in your kitty.

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