Things to check before to claim for a football betting bonus

football betting bonus

Always consider the following features in a football betting website bonus system. See what you should know about the bookmaker’s special offers in advance.

Everyone, who enjoys receiving bonuses in a football betting website, please raise your hand! Ok, we’ve got lots of hands up there. But how many smart minds that approach the bonus terms and conditions attentive do we have? Hands are less, we bet…

This material is for all of those hands that are standing still down. We would like to offer you a whole list with some very significant things to check before you hit the button that enables you to claim for a bonus. Here’s what we mean:

  1. When you want to receive a bonus in any football betting website, make sure your registration is both – completed and confirmed. No bookmaker provides any special offers to non-registered visitors.
  2. The deposit bonuses are of two types – no deposit and deposit bonus. If you want to claim for a deposit bonus, after the registration process you should make a deposit. Please, note that depending on the payment method you choose, you might be required for your funds to appear in your account balance.
  3. No deposit bonuses can be in most cases used before the account verification. When you meet the wager requirements you should verify your account to become eligible for the withdrawal of the bonus amount.
  4. Deadlines are not always written with big numbers and letters. Unfortunately, some of the most generous bonuses have small prints in the end of the terms and conditions and usually these prints include unbearably short deadliness to meet the requirements.
  5. If you have been brought to a specific football betting website through an ad for one bookmaker’s bonus, don’t be 100% sure that you can have it. As a matter of fact, there are many bookmakers that offer completely different offers to the clients depending on the country they live in.
  6. Bonus codes are not on mandatory in all cases. You might find bonus codes in numerous betting websites that are not bookmakers, but offer some information about bets and odds. In these websites there will be plenty of ads and banners with special bonus codes. When you visit the website of the betting company, though, you will see that actually the bonus is available for you even without knowing the concrete bonus code.
  7. When you want to apply for a deposit bonus conduct your plans for the bonus amount with the payment method you use. If the system charges you with some fee, you might not receive the expected bonus amount. In some cases you might not even classify for the bonus (when in the terms and conditions there’s a minimum deposit amount whether for the bonus, or for the deposits on the platform in general).

Bonuses are great, indeed, but only if being used appropriately. Don’t forget to check out these specifications about the special offers you can grab in your current or next football betting website.

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